Rubicon ToolBox

Rubicon ToolBox 2.4

Rubicon Toolbox is a tool for pavement design and analysis software
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Rubicon Toolbox is the latest release of the Rubicon suite of software tools for practitioners in the field of pavement design and analysis software. Rubicon Toolbox is programmed in the new, powerful Microsoft .NET framework and allows users to build their own “toolbox” of pavement design and analysis tools. Rubicon Toolbox is then the main platform from which tools such as the Data Viewer and Layered Elastic Design Tools are ‘launched”. Tools can be licensed and added to the toolbox in a modular fashion.

-Flexible licensing of individual tools (such as Layered Elastic, Finite Element, Data Viewer and others), allowing users to built a custom set of design and analysis tools;

-Flexible structuring of project data within a project file. Add or delete folders to represent a specific project structure. Project files can also be shared by different users, or can be e-mailed to colleagues and clients;

-Customizable Settings such as Engineering Units, Failure Criteria, Materials Definitions, Load Setup Definitions and Interpretation Categories (once defined, these settings can be used across projects and in different tools);

-Integration with Microsoft Office, allowing direct importing and exporting of data from Microsoft Excel.

-Neat and concise reports (with customizable Logo) for all modules. Reports can be printed directly or can be exported in electronic format;

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